Position: Director/Preclinical Project Team Leader
Function: Preclinical Development
Company: Phanes Therapeutics, Inc.
Location: San Diego, CA

Phanes Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotech company focused on discovery and development of therapies for grievous diseases, including metabolic complications and oncology. The company is built for scientific innovation and we welcome people with motivation and passion to join us to discover and develop new medicines and improve healthcare. We believe that innovative thinking, seamless execution, team work, and integrity are key values for building success. Our mission is to relentlessly seek scientific and technological solutions to improve the lives of patients through creative work.

At Phanes, we understand that scientific innovation is a challenging task and that’s why we need the most talented people to accomplish our mission. We are committed to fostering an innovative and fun working environment where scientists can pursue creative ideas and deliver results, because we know that our success depends on how to realize the true potential of our people. We offer competitive compensation and good healthcare benefits.

This position is in the Preclinical Development area and will work on our research site in San Diego, CA. He or she should have basic training and knowledge in preclinical development of biologics for oncology and metabolic indications.

• The individual is responsible for leading preclinical stage project teams. Key responsibilities include developing strategies and timelines for project advancement to IND. This person will identify a clear path for a given program to advance to IND, determine the resource needs and critical activities, organize and leverage internal and external expertise, and allocate various resources to achieve important project milestones. As a Preclinical Project Team Leader, this individual will interact with internal research team members as well as external stakeholders in the areas of cell line development, process development, GMP manufacturing, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, and regulatory affairs, etc.. The candidate is expected to work closely with clinical study leaders and continue to be responsible for the operational aspects of the programs after they advance to clinical stage.

• The candidate should have scientific and management experience of leading project teams in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry with demonstrated successful record in advancing projects from preclinical development to IND filing. Experience in working within cross-functional project teams and track record of successful IND filings are preferred.

• Leadership skills in managing internal and/or external preclinical development activities are required. This person is expected to act as project champion of preclinical projects, be responsible for developing project-specific strategies and lead teams to execute key activities.

The candidate must be a team player and is expected to work closely with other scientific and technical personnel and the management team. This person is expected to fully understand the company’s innovation and drug development strategies and must be willing to collaborate and communicate with internal and external stakeholders.

Key responsibilities:
1. Lead cross-functional teams and provide scientific and technical leadership to advance preclinical projects to IND stage.
2. Design project strategies, develop project timelines, allocate resources and deliver results.
3. Proactively drive project advancement; must be able to independently make key decisions and recommendations.
4. Fully communicate with the management team to ensure strategic alignment.
5. Coordinate with consultants and CROs/CMOs as needed.
6. Ensure timely delivery of milestones with high quality data.

1. PhD degree or equivalent experience in a field of biological science. 6-8 years of independent research and/or project management experience with demonstrated productivity in related fields. Established expertise in subject areas.
2. Strong management and communication skills.
3. Demonstrated successful records in pharma and biotech industry.