Function: Discovery Research
Company: Phanes Therapeutics, Inc.
Location: San Diego, CA

Phanes Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotech company focused on discovery and development of therapies for grievous diseases, including metabolic complications and oncology. The company is built for scientific innovation and we welcome people with motivation and passion to join us to discover new medicines and improve healthcare. We believe that innovative thinking, seamless execution, team work, and integrity are key values to build success. Our mission is to relentlessly seek scientific and technological solutions to improve the lives of patients through creative work.

At Phanes, we understand that scientific innovation is a challenging task and that’s why we need the most talented people to accomplish our mission. We are committed to fostering an innovative and fun working environment where scientists can pursue creative ideas and deliver results, because we know that our success depends on how to realize the true potential of our people. We offer competitive compensation and provide good healthcare benefits.

This position is in the discovery research area and will work on our research site in San Diego, CA. The candidate should have basic training and knowledge in analytical biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology or a related field. The candidate should have scientific experience of working in a laboratory to perform experiments independently and is expected to interpret results independently. Technical skills in operating major analytical equipments and conducting QC analyses in a research and/or proceed development environment are required. Experience in characterizing purified monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and building quality control systems are required. The candidate will lead a team supporting the production of recombinant proteins using mammalian expression systems in the company. This person is expected to supervise interns and research associates and manage the lab’s certain operational activities.

The candidate must be a team player and is expected to work with other scientific staff on discovery projects. This person must be willing to collaborate and communicate with other team members within the company.

Key responsibilities:
1. Development of analytical methods to determine the physical and chemical properties of recombinant proteins, including mAbs.
2. Build and execute quality control steps for mAb purification.
3. Train junior scientists in running analytical instruments.
4. Supervise assistant and associate scientists to perform assigned project tasks.
5. Interpret experiment data and generate study reports.
6. Ensure timely delivery of high quality results.
7. Present posters and/or give oral presentations in internal meetings and external scientific conferences.

1. PhD degree in a field of biological sciences. 2-4 years of research experience (postdoctoral training counts up to 2 years of research experience) with demonstrated productivity in related fields.
2. Experience in some management skills is preferred.
3. Good oral and written communication skills are required.
4. The person must be motivated to lead and produce.